The Importance of Regular Lawn Care in Lewisville, TX

Keeping your landscaping under control is an easy way to improve the curb appeal of your house, keep your neighbors happy, and avoid several of the common “health” problems that can affect your grass. A beautiful and healthy lawn starts with regular lawn care. Lewisville, TX often has unpredictable weather, including unruly storms and scorching heat, but Impact Landscapes’ regular lawn care services can help your yard become strong enough to hopefully defeat any weather-related hazards. While it may seem that regular lawn care is simply about the visual benefits, it actually contributes quite a bit more to your lawn that you might imagine.

Cosmetic Benefits

Many people take great bride in their beautiful lawns, and while that may seem silly to some, a beautiful lawn is a huge benefit that comes from regular lawn care in Lewisville, TX. The hot summers here make it hard to keep up a well-groomed lawn, but beautiful landscaping makes your home look better, can add monetary value to your home, and means that your lawn in healthy. Additionally, the more often you mow your own, the less likely you are to have insects and other pests living in your grass. The regular mowing forces them to move more often, keeping large colonies out of your yard.

Even Growth

Having your yard grow more evenly may not seem important, but several health benefits come along with even growth. Grass needs water, sunlight, and minerals to grow properly, but if the grass grows at all different heights, different areas of your yard will get more or less necessary nutrients, causing it to grow even more erratically. When you have regular mowing done, your grass is cut to an even height, allowing it to equally disburse resources to continue to grow evenly. This, in turn, creates a healthier and more beautiful lawn.


Even if the excess grass is bagged up and taken away, some of the cut grass will make its way back into your yard. Though this may be frustrating to you, it’s actually one of the best ways to fertilize and feed your lawn. Cut grass composts incredibly fast and it gives more nutrients to the soil, resulting in a healthier lawn.

At Impact Landscapes, we understand the importance of regular lawn care. Lewisville, TX is full of many beautiful yards, and we want to help your yard become beautiful and healthy as well. If you’re interested in any lawn care services, including mowing, shrub trimming, chemical applications, and more, contact us soon to set up your services. In addition to regular lawn care services, we provide several other landscaping options and outdoor living possibilities to make your home the best it can be. #impactlandscapes #lewisville #frisco #texas #landscape #design #outdoors #lawncare


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